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Tollchester Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Questions for your NSDTR breeder

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If you are searching for a NSDT Retriever, do you know what to ask a breeder to determine if they are ethical and reputable? 

Here are a few questions to ask when you are looking for a breeder. This is only a guideline to help in your search for that perfect companion for you and your family.

Are the dogs registered with the Canadian or American Kennel Club? If they are not, why?

Can I enquire on the breeders status with the above clubs as a form of reference?

Do you do health testing on your breeding stock? (for example-hips/ elbows /patellas /PRA/CEA/ CERF/ ATCH/ thyroid /heart)

Can I see documentation of the results of these health tests?

Do they have health guarantees in their contract for the puppies they sell?

How young do you breed your dogs? why?

What is the goal for your current litter? Purpose of this breeding?

Will I have to wait on a list for a puppy?

Do you plan to keep a puppy from each litter? why?

Why are you breeding?

How early do you let your puppies go to their new homes? why?

Do I need to provide references for you?

Can you provide references of your breeding program and buyers?

Do you show your dogs in Conformation shows? If not….why?

Do you have a written guarantees and if so, may I read it before I must purchase or put a deposit on the puppy?

Do you refund if for some reason placement does not work out?

Do you offer to take a dog back if for some reason placement does not work out?

May I visit your home to see your facilities and visit the puppies and parents?

It is up to you as the buyer to determine which answers make you feel most comfortable.

There are breeders that can not or will not answer these questions. Do your homework and research before purchasing your puppy. Breeders should be able to back up health clearances and pedigrees with documentation. Be careful because there are some that are simply in breeding for a profit.

Many breeders are willing to ship across North America and it’s not hard on the puppies. Do not by from your own backyard simply because it’s convenient. Often the cheaper puppy cost more in the long run in both vet bills and heartache.

If a breeder doesn’t ask you any questions as to your lifestyle or family situation, be aware they maybe only interested in the sale of the puppy and not the best interests of that puppy.

There are people that will not do even the most basic of health testing. To ensure the longetivity of your family companion ask to see hip (OVC or OFA) as well as Cerf status of both parents. Ethical breeders will gladly produce all these and many more, showing their dedication to the breed.

Think twice before you buy a dog from anyone that requires the puppy to be picked up before the age of 8 weeks. Puppies generally leave their breeders home between 8-12weeks. By 8 weeks a puppy is usually ready to leave their littermates, ready for house training and are ready for individual attention. Many breeders choose to keep puppies longer then 8weeks for various reasons including, keeping as possible show potential, keep for temperament testing, keep to crop their ears, keep longer for shipping, keep to have them altered, or genetic testing. There are many good reasons for a breeder to keep a puppy longer then 8weeks, and no good ones to send the pup out at a earlier age.

Check with the Canadian Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club to ensure that the person selling you a puppy is able to register that puppy as a purebred. A computer generated pedigree or certificate is not proof of a purebred.

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