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Tollchester Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Toller Application

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Please fill in a copy of our toller application if you are interested in a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy.
**currently there have been delays with the online application system. If you don't hear from me in 48 hours please email me at or call my cell phone at 604-855-2398**

Which breed are you interested in?
Where do you live?
Is it Rural, City or Town?
Do you live in a home, appartment, condo, townhome or Mobile Home?
Do you rent or own?
If you rent does your landlord know you are getting a puppy?
Do you have a fully fenced yard?
What type of fencing do you have?
Do you have a swimming pool? is it fenced from the rest of the yard?
Does anyone in your home have allergies?
Does anyone in your home object to getting a puppy? If yes why?
Who's the primary care giver?
Have you ever met this breed in person? if so whos?
Have you ever owned this breed in the past? if so where was it purchased?
What made you choose this breed?
What do you like best about the breed?
What do you like least about the breed?
When are you looking at purchasing a puppy?
What traits are you looking for in a puppy? outgoing? shy? big? small? please list
Would you allow a home check before obtaining a puppy?
Would you be willing to keep us up to date on the progress of your puppy with pictures and updates?
Why do you want this breed? breeding? conformation? agility? fieldwork? earth trials? rally-o? obedience? flyball?
If you are considering breeding why?
If you aren't interested in showing would you allow another person to show your dog (professional handler or breeder) in conformation?
Where will your dog spend most of it's time? indoors? outdoors? kennel? dogrun?
Will your puppy be living in your home? if no where will they be living?
Would you discribe yourself as a active family? if yes what kinds of family activities are you involved in?
Will you dog spend time with you at your family events?
How much excersise would you say a toller needs?
How much time would you spend socializing and training your pet? daily? weekly?
Have you ever owned pets before? if yes what kinds?
Do you still have any of these pets? if yes which ones? if no why?
Are your pets spayed or neutered?
Have you raised a puppy before? if no are you aware of the time and energy it takes to raise a puppy?
If you have never raised a puppy before or owned a dog what books have you read on raising a puppy or dog?
Have you ever had a problem with a previous pet? is so what kind? and what did you do?
Have you ever taken a dog to obedience class? if so where?
What sex do you pefer? female? male? if the sex you are looking for isn't available would you consider the opposite sex? if no why?
If your puppy is on a pet contract do you agree to spay or neuter them?
How would you feel about having your puppy spayed before leaving the breeders home (8-12weeks of age)?
Is providing a good quality diet for your puppy a high priority for you?
Would you be willing to follow guidlines given to you by your breeder in regards to vaccinations and diet?
Have you ever researched limited vaccines? would you consider a limited vaccine protocal?
What food would you primarily feed your puppy? would you consider BARF?
Would you consider a older puppy/dog? if yes what's the max age you would except?
If your puppy is placed on a pet contract and is not spayed/neutered prior to leaving and turns out to be a quality specimen do you allow your breeder to breed your dog? (would involve not spaying or neutering your pet and possibly a co-ownership)
How many people live in your home? and what are the ages?
How much time does your family spend at their jobs (per week)?
Where would your dog be during the hours your family is working?
How much time would you spend with your dog per day?
How many hours alone would you dog spend? where will your dog be when no one is home?
How often does your family vaccation? would your pet be with you during your vaccation? if no where would they go during your vaccation?
Where will your dog sleep every night?
What would you do if you were suddenly unable to keep your pet?
Have you ever returned a dog to their breeder? if yes why?
Have you ever given away or sold a dog before? if so why?
Have you ever bred a litter before? is yes which breed? and how many litters?
Are you planning on getting any other pets in the near future? if yes what kinds and how soon?
Would you be willing to test for hereditary dissorders if I feel your dog maybe at risk of being affected or a carrier?
Do you have References? (please list two)
How did you hear about Tollchester?
Your name, phone number, address and email address?
Other Comments?

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