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Tollchester Kennels

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 Tollwest's Wild Cherry Pepsi 

Pepsi is a beautiful female out of Gus and Soda born on December 15,2003. She is 16" at 6months. Pepsi has a nip of white on her nose, a small snowflake on her forhead, four white paws, and a white chest.




Pepsi has started her basic training for conformation. At just under 3months in her first sanction match she took breed and puppy in breed as well as a group 2nd. When Pepsi was just over 5months she recieved two Group 3rds at local sanction match. Watch for her wild ways hitting the rings this winter!
Pepsi has started her basics in obedience. She has a natural ability to heal and loves to sit without incouragement. Currently she is training for her PCD and CD.
Pepsi has started her basics in field training. This little girl has a natural drive for birds and hunting. At just under 5months she made her first trip to the lake, where she was dragging in full size bumpers with the big dogs. Currently she is training for her WC and JH.
We plan to have some nice offspring from Pepsi for years to come. Pepsi will have her PRA status done next summer (A-B breeding). She will have her thyroid and cerf tested in the spring. Her first litter will be in Winter 2005/ Spring 2006 pending health clearances.


Pepsi's Pedigree


"Pepsi" was bred by Tollwest Kennels.

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