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Tollchester Kennels

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About Me

I, Simone Sortwell was born in Surrey BC. Since a young child I have always loved animals. I have owned Terriers, Shepherds, Cockers, and a few mixed breed dogs throughout my young life. While growing up I trained and groomed every pet dog we owned. It wasn't until 2002, I discovered the Standard Manchester Terrier. While training a rescue Staffi, I met my very first "look alike min pin". I was fascinated by the breed. Having to know what this unique, outgoing, stubborn breed was. I started doing my doggie research. Going to shows, meeting people, asking questions. It was during my time of research I discovered I had a second passion. They were called Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. In December of 2002 I purchased my first pet Manchester Terrier for my grandmother and I. Although she is a great dog and shows potential in showing she is and always will be a loving pet and companion. She is the one that brought me into the world of loving Manchesters. In February of 2003 is when I received my first show/breeding bitch Duck Toller. I feel in love with Blaze the minute I saw her. We have had our moments in the sun and moments of defeat through out her career . She is far from finished and I look forward to spending more time with this wonderful dog. Blaze and Noel are the ones that made me forever in love with the Toller and Manchester breeds.



Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Jules and Jim, Manhattan, Breaking the Waves


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