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Tollchester Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Early Spay or Neutering

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At Tollchester we support the Early Spay or Neuter Program. We believe juvenile spaying or neutering is the only way to go. Contact me for more information

Did you know? In six years one un-spayed female dog, her offspring and their puppies, if none get spayed or neutered, can produce up to 67,000 dogs. There is by no means enough good homes for all of these unwanted pets. The most successful solution to help solve the unwanted pet euthanasia predicament is pet sterilization at the time of purchase including "early" spaying and neutering. The term early (or juvenile) spaying/neutering refers to the surgical altering of a pet's reproductive organs at 6 weeks of age or older.

Many humane societies around the county support early spay or neuter programs. Unfortunately euthanasia takes its toll on everyone. Consider early spay or neuter programs as the key part of the solution to end unnecessary euthanasia of healthy happy adoptable puppies.

Questions about Early Spaying/Neutering

Will Early Spaying/Neutering affect my dogs growth?
Extensive research by Drs worldwide has suggested early spay or neuter programs will not affect the growth rate of an animal. There are no differences in immune function, growth rates or ultimate size in a pet that has been spayed/neutered early.

What are the surgical differences between a 6week old puppy and an adult dog?
Minimal adipose tissue and quicker bleeding time make the surgery faster and the heeling process quicker in a puppy versus an adult.

Will early spay or neutering affect my dogs health?
There is no evidence that proves early spay or neutering will affect the dogs health. Studies showed there were no differences in urinary tract infections, and disease rates in junior versus adult spay/neuter cases

Will early spay or neutering affect my dogs behavior?

During studies no behavioral conditions developed as a result of early spay or neutering. Undesirable behaviors also are less likely to develop. Less reported cases of urine marking, aggression, and roaming with early spay or neuter pups versus adult cases.

Points To Consider

There are three important points to consider

1. There are no considerable medical or behavioral reasons to wait until puberty.

2. New owners do not have to worry about complying with the terms of a non-breeding agreement.

3. Owners dont have to worry about their new puppy reaching sexual maturity as early as 4 months of age.



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