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Tollchester Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

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Billinghurst Says:

"When a bitch is pregnant she produces the hormone progesterone.
Progesterone maintains pregnancy.  It has the job of keeping the internal
lining of the uterus in a thick proproductive state.  The longer the
internal lining is kept in that the state, the more likely it will develop
an irreservable age-related degenerative disease called
cystic-endometrial-hyperplasia.  This is a chronic inflammatory disease of
the internal lining of the uterus.  It caused infertility by preventing
implantiation of the fertitized egg. That sounds like keeping her pregnant
would be a bad idea?  Not so.

The average bitch cycles or comes on heat every seven months.  Every time
she cycles and ovulates she goes through the motions of pregnancy whether
she is actulally pregnant or not.  She is always hormonally pregnant after
cycling.  She does this because whether she is pregnant or not she produces
progesterone and continues to produce it until it is time for her to give
birth.  It is the sudden cessasion of progesterone production which is one
of the triggers for birth.

By keeping her pregnant you limit progesterone production.

If she is pregnant, progesterone production stops after 63 days. It is when
she is not pregnant that progesterone production goes on and and on and on.

That is because there is no sudden cessation of preogesteron production.
After the 63 days are up, it conitnues to be proeduces at a delcoing raret
for a total 90 to 120 days.

By allowing a bitch to actually become pregnant - as she is designed to do -
you limit the time that her uterus is under the influence of the hormone
preogesteron, and so you give her the greatest chance of remaining fertile

If you couple that with the BARF programme - which involves the sort of diet
which will enabel her to remain healthy despite the fact of being prenant
twice per year - her chance of remaining fertile and healthy into old are
are remarkably increased.

If you are serious about maximising the breeding potential of a bitch, from
a biologically correct point of view, early pregnancy and continual breeding
combined with an appropriate diet and exercise regime is vital".  pp 88 - 89

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