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Tollchester Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Tollchester Events

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BBQ May 2009
**This play date and BBQ took place at Hayward Lake in Mission BC. The weather was perfect for the event and many of the tollers enjoyed a dip in the lake. The BBQ was a hit as the food platers, fruit and veggies as well as the soda and ice all arrived on time! Fun was had by all both big and small (and all those in between :0>)**


Timmy's Time! October 2009
**This play date and coffee gathering took place at Buntzen Lake BC. It was a blustery and cool fall day where coffee, hot chocolate and timbits were a must! We apologize for the lack of photos but most peoples hands were staying in motion by throwing a tennis ball, placed deep in their pockets or wrapped around a warm cup for this gathering! Despite the weather all the furry red heads had a grand time.**


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